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    ANON IS ON! I will answer any and all questions until I fall asleep… so talk to me people.

  2. Author’s Note: Star Wars has a very special place in my heart. I grew up on it, I have Star Wars tattoos, I wear Star Wars clothing, I even have Star Wars themed Adidas. I enjoy nearly every aspect of it. It makes me happy. With the new series Star Wars Rebels debuting a new episode online every Monday, ahead of of the Disney XD broadcast, I thought I’d give them each a little review. 

    Rise of the Old Masters takes the tropes of a great prison break film and a heist film, mashes them together and gives us a bit of comedy and drama mixed in for good measure. It feels incredibly full of information and events considering it’s 22 minute length.

    The crew of The Ghost finds that Jedi Master Luminara Unduli who had a few fantastic episodes in Star Wars Clone Wars, has been taken prisoner by the empire. Karan, doubting his ability to train Ezra in the ways of the force, wants to rescue Master Unduli so that she can train him better. Something that hasn’t been said yet is that Kanan most likely never passed Padawan training. How do we know this? GEEK TANGENT!!!

    Star Wars Rebels takes place 5 years before the Battle of Yavin, when the rebellion destroyed the first Death Star. We know that Luke Skywalker was 19 years old then. We know from toys and merchandise that Kanan was born 33 years before The Battle of Yavin, making him 28 years old when the show starts. Take this back to Luke’s birth and Kanan would have been about 14 when Order 66 was executed… making it highly unlikely that Kanan ever achieved the rank of Jedi Knight. Which is probably why he doubts his ability so much. /END GEEK TANGENT!!!

    This entire episode could have been called “Do or Do Not” or maybe “There Is No Try”. The crew of the Ghost is faced with some pretty impossible odds and Kanan realizes that he really needs to step up his game, and be fully dedicated to training Ezra. There really isn’t any other choice. He can’t pawn Ezra off on anyone else because they’re alone, and they’re family. Ezra is Kanan’s responsibility as a friend and as a captain. 

    There are plenty of big moments in this episode with The Inquisitor finally making his appearance to the crew, and some big twists and turns really strike down the idea that we might be seeing some familiar faces from the Clone Wars appear on this show. I’m still hoping for an episode with Ahsoka so we can learn what happened to her over the past decade or so, but this episode cements the idea that Rebels really is it’s own thing, not Clone Wars 2. 

    The action here is tight and well choreographed. It walks that line between prequel and original trilogy as far as movement and choreography is concerned. And once again the music helps sell the entire thing. Composer Kevin Kiner is absolutely killing it each and every week blending in the new show themes which are timeless with familiar melodies from the prequels and original trilogy. There’s a moment when I swear I’m hearing the undertones of Duel of the Fates and the Imperial March but it’s all new and fresh. If John Williams decides he doesn’t want to compose the music for anymore Star Wars movies I’m absolutely convinced that Kevin Kiner can pick up the slack and make some fantastic music for the series… Maybe he could start with the Spin-offs.

    I’m really loving Star Wars Rebels. It seems to have found it’s voice much faster than Clone Wars did, and that’s probably due to the fact that it’s able to explore a much more interesting time, and be much more focused. Clone Wars followed a large array of cast members from the films, each episode seemingly able to follow anyone from Yoda one week to Jar Jar the next. Rebels is solely about this crew and because of that we’re getting some of the best Star Wars writing in forty years and Rise of the Old Masters seems to  be the peak so far. Each week the show gets better and better as the world expands and more secrets about the past are divulged.

  3. Today’s outfit is properly #halloween themed right?

    Today’s outfit is properly #halloween themed right?

  4. I’m tempted to do an all day gaming live stream to celebrate… hmmm. What do you think I should do to celebrate?

  5. Hahaha!

    First of all, no.

    Second of all, I know you’re not her. Stop it. This is just sad now you boring fuck. 

  6. LED lit skiers tearing up a mountain at night… easily the best lit sports footage of all time. Wow is this ever gorgeous! 

  7. The only thing I could think of is that I was honest about my feelings. I openly said that I hate her. I know she doesn’t want to read that. Who would? The idea that some one who once said they loved you, is now openly writing that they hate you has to hurt. But that’s the risk we take in relationships. 

    I’m also sure that she’s not posting anymore because people like you seem to continue to send us notes about our relationship even though she and I broke up a while ago. It’s more than a little creepy that so many people seemed to get involved and tried to be invested in our relationship. And I’m 100% sure it was a factor in us breaking up.

    So It’s partly my fault, and partly your fault. But I can’t censor myself on my own blog anymore. It’s not fair to me. Which also is to say that if you know me, and you don’t want me to write about you then you should probably tell me now so I can tip-toe around the subject. But you should also know I reserve the right to rant, be honest, and come forward with any incidents in my life…

    My personal life has been very awkward, strange, upsetting and weird lately and I need to vent about it and I’m going to use my blog to do that. 

  8. Beat #Spelunky for the first time since it launched on 360!!!

    Beat #Spelunky for the first time since it launched on 360!!!

  9. I’ve never gotten bored of pizza in my life. Never, not once. If some one is like “Hey let’s get a pizza” and I’ve still got cold left over pizza from the day before in my fridge I’ll immediately say “that’s a really good idea” and get more pizza.

    That said, I do need breaks from it and I love a lot of other foods too. I love sushi, and salads, and sandwiches, and tacos and so many other foods. I love fish and veggies. I go through SO MANY VEGGIES! It’s kind of crazy how many veggies I go through.

    But then there’s guys like this… this dude on Munchies/Vice who has eaten Pizza every day for the past 25 years. And not great pizza either… like frozen pizza in the cardboard box from safeway… which can be a fine distraction if you’re broke and need the “feel” of pizza… but let’s not act like it’s the same as a good wood fire, brick oven pizza. Not only that, but this cat hates toppings. The guy doesn’t even want Pepperoni on his pie. Mushrooms? Get ready to watch a grown man gag-barf like a 5 year old. It’s kind of hilarious and very sad.

    I listen to this radio show, Opie Radio (Formerly Opie 7 Anthony) and their producer Sam Roberts has an aversion to a lot of foods… like he’s my age, 31 and still doesn’t eat eggs. I can’t wait to scramble up an egg in the morning… but this dude? Nope. He’ll have chicken strips again please! I thought that was a bit crazy. Apparently that’s very sane compared to how picky some people are…

    Pizza every day for 25 years… I don’t know if I could do it. And I’m so dedicated to my love of the pizza that I think it’s going to be my next tattoo… or a Poppy Kwee Kwee tattoo…



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