Distance is tough… so very tough.

When you’re not able to just hang out, drop by and say hi, bring food, watch a movie together or give physical or emotional support up close is so difficult. But in the case of this situation I know it’s worth the extra difficulties. I know it’s worth the waiting and the communication pauses due to technologies limitations. 

It’s just a waiting game… just letting my patience stay strong until we’re together and things really click all over again. And on days like today I know that is worth waiting for. I know that all this difficulty, all this trouble and drama is worth going through because in the end we can be happy. 

I know you want to write me… so anon is back on…

this is your only chance.

Hey dude… stop creeping my blog

You know what’s up, I know you’re looking every single day, just stop it. It’s getting to be a little creepy.

I am a stir fry champ

I am a stir fry champ

kitty and kitten

kitty and kitten


I can’t believe it… Wow… JUST WOW.

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