1. This is one of the reasons why I LOVE Middle-Earth - Shadow of Mordor. There’s a mission where you have to kill an Uruk-hai War Chief called Zûgor The Crazy. His final words before you remove his head cleanly from his shoulders? “A very fine carpet sir” and then SLASH!

    Oh and yeah his brain is kind of exposed to the elements. When he came into the battle he yelled at me “BUTTONS!”

  2. a 15 second portion of this video is flying around Tumblr right now. This is Kid A The Great vs Kidd Showout.

    This is a battle of tight control versus explosive movements. Both take skill and are incredible to watch, but they come from completely different places in dance. Kid A has tight form and Kidd Showout explodes with flips, kicks, spins and more. One of the better dance battles I’ve ever seen in this age group.

  3. yeah I’m sure I will, but I’m finding I have less and less to say every time. 

  4. Do you hate her now?

    no…  but I’m not happy either. 

  5. Why would any one want to reblog the reminder of someone they’re not with anymore? Also it would be very unfair to some one else if I kept doing something like that… 

  6. Please never try to get me to follow Philip DeFranco again. I’m not interested in what that two faced, sexist douche has to say and I’d never forcibly want him on my dash. This is the 4th time I’ve had to close one of those “you might like this blog” tabs you randomly throw into my feed. It makes me want to take my URL somewhere else and ditch this blog entirely. Yes I’m that passionate about how much I dislike “PhillyD”


  7. For some reason Gotham felt the need to title this episode after a peripheral character who has 2 or three lines: Selina Kyle. Those initiated in the Batman lore will know Kyle as Catwoman. Here she’s a bit of a thief and a street kid but she’s not bad by any means. She’s just trying to survive in a brutal city and she’s doing a pretty good job of it.

    The plot in this episodes revolves around kids being abducted by a pair who are going to sell the children to the D-rank Batman villain The Dollmaker. It’s a mostly throw away plot nobody is really interested in. What does make the episode interesting are the little bits with Bruce Wayne.

    Nobody has ever spent any real time in film ore even in the comics following Bruce Wayne as a child. In the films the most we get is a flash back or ten minutes with Bruce as a youth. In the Tim Burton films we get nothing, not even an origin story for Batman. In Nolan’s films we get quite a bit in Batman Begins about his childhood, his rise to becoming Batman… but again, nobody has spent time with his developmental years.


    This week we get Bruce holding his hand over a candle, scarring himself with a pretty brutal palm burn. The fact of the matter is, Bruce could either be exercising self mutilation the way cutters do as a release, to help him with the depression, or he might be doing some weird Batman “how long can I take the pain” testing himself kind of thing. It’s open to an interpretation since we know where he’s going… But then something interesting happens…

    Alfred (who is fantastic) meets with James Gordon and asks him to help with Bruce because Alfred’s never had a son and Bruce looks up to James. He also mentions that Bruce is cutting himself. We then catch a glimpse of bruce with his ear buds in, listening to death metal and drawing dark images, skulls and fire in his notebook. We’re getting the first look at a petulant angry goth kid Bruce Wayne… It’s handling the reality of the character in a way that no interpretation of Batman ever has. Having Batman as a self harming teen is something that would probably happen nowadays. The fact that Gotham has the balls to tackle it, and in the second episode is pretty striking. Props to them for handling it, not popularizing the idea and putting figures in Bruce’s life that direct him to a more healthy outlet. 

    Oh bu the episode itself? Even with Lili Taylor who I FUCKING ADORE it was a snooze fest. 


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  9. djkento:

    New Deep House Mix I recorded this morning. Just some mellow grooves at the start and some more high energy and darker stuff towards the end.

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