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#madmax marathon. That #furyroad trailer has me excited for next summer. #melgibson

Inspiration for my next tattoo. Blade Runner blows my mind to this day. The way it looks, sounds, feels. It’s a tangible world that I understand and would want to live in. It sets the tone for so much cyberpunk, and sci-fi that it’s timeless.

This quote, the one that wraps up the movie perfectly sums up the meaning of the film. That you have to live your life. Don’t worry about whether or not it’ll end tomorrow. Do what you want now, be with who you love now and don’t pay attention to the future or you’ll miss the moment you’re in.

Happy Christmas…

I haven’t written about movies in a while, but I had to write about this. I generally like Joe Swanberg. Drinking Buddies was one of my favorite films from last year, I love his segment of V/H/S and when he’s performing in things I usually connect with his characters and find them well acted and fully realized…

But I don’t know what the fuck Happy Christmas is. It’s not a story. It’s not a movie… It’s mundane normality captured on celluloid for the purpose of showing you… that maybe your life could be more boring…

Anna Kendrick plays Jenny, a 20-something who moves in with her brother Jeff and his wife and child, Kelly and Jude. Jenny is irresponsible and this film basically tells the story about how a good person can be a bit immature and make a few bad choices that don’t really hurt anyone and at the very worst are just kind of embarrassing.

It’s an odd film that slowly moves through it’s prose without any reason or clear indication as to where it’s going. There’s an overly drawn out conversation about how much it sucks to be a stay at home mom. The most traumatic thing in the movie, is when Jenny gets drunk and puts a pizza in the oven and forgets, passing out, which fills the house with smoke. These are the kinds of “intense” moments you can expect from Happy Christmas.

When I lived in Portland this is the kind of shit that I dealt with. I moved because I needed to get away from some one (like Jenny) I got a little too drunk once, my room mate’s friend put a plastic thing of nachos in the oven filling the house with smoke while he passed out (and then tried to blame some one else) and people got annoyed with each other…

Basically this is a movie about the perils of sharing space. You may love some one but occasionally you step on each other’s toes. But that doesn’t mean it’s interesting or worth your time. The film kind of just ends and there’s really no story or conclusion. There’s no confrontation or emotions that need to be dealt with because nothing that happens is all that serious. It’s just white people being super white for 90 minutes. 

I wish this movie did SOMETHING unique or original but instead it flounders around like a fish out of water just bouncing from one overly long scene to the next where nothing really happens until it finally dies.


Do you expect me to talk?
No, Ms. Bond. I expect you to die!

Bond Generdswap? With Lucy Liu as Jane Bond? Yeah I’m feeling it… 

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The bi, pan and poly people have claimed Steve Rogers.

if you dont have the talent to write your own characters


Fucking finally some one calls them out on this constant unfounded nonsense.

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My first real #snapback and it’s perfect! #marvel #guardiansofthegalaxy #9fifty #neweracap #newera #pressstart #nerd #geek #comics

Huge thanks to @erockradio for this awesome #mst3k box set! Can’t wait for the next show!

WONDER WOMAN IS REAL! This is perfect. They nailed it completely

She won’t let me…

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