1. The studio is closed for the night. Goodnight everyone.

    The studio is closed for the night. Goodnight everyone.

  2. You get weird anons.

    No kidding. A lot of hateful and jealous people. It’s very sad.

  3. That’s a very silly reason to follow me…

  4. About to watch #DrafthouseFilms #TheDog

    About to watch #DrafthouseFilms #TheDog

  5. I can’t even put into words how not ok with this I am…

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  6. If you don’t think there’s enough awareness on an issue that’s going on in the world and you’re not seeing it on your dash then do yourself a favor… CHECK OUT THE SEARCH BAR!

    I’ve seen a lot of posts lately about how there isn’t enough news on this or that or the other thing on their dash… which to them means there isn’t enough on Tumblr. Click that search bar because I guarantee that whatever thing you want to talk about whether it’s Ferguson, ALS, ISIS, Africa, The California Drought, Global Warming… anything, THERE ARE POSTS ABOUT IT!

    What you see on your dash is dictated by YOUR ACTIONS. You can follow news sites, you can follow tags, you can follow the issues that are relevant to you. Stop bitching. Your Tumblr feed is not a direct reflection of what is happening in the world. 

  7. I honestly have no fucking clue. If you have an idea please tell me. 

  8. debeklena:

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    Sometimes in life shitty things happen and a lot of times those shitty things involve the death of a loved one and it’s completely out of your control. But from a story telling perspective it’s impossible to believe that Peter’s childhood friend would immediately go into a psychotic rage in the last act of the movie and kill the woman he loves.

    I’m sorry but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fucking SUCKS and long hash tagged out posts like this trying to show how amazing it is by taking a small piece of a film out of context does not remove the 2 previous hours of absolute horse shit that came before it.

    Villains with horrible stories and motivations that make no sense, characters motivations suddenly changing in the middle of the movie and Spider-Man who GRADUATED AT THE TOP OF HIS FUCKING CLASS FROM A SCIENCE SCHOOL NOT KNOWING HOW MAGNETS AND GROUNDING WORKS! Fuck this movie. Fuck this scene, fuck the entire Spider-Man franchise for being too stupid to do it’s character justice EVER.

    And yes that includes Raimi’s Spider-Man films because they’re all just the same film 3 times in a row. FUCK SPIDER-MAN! 

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  9. hey! your white! STOP IT!

    and YOU’RE an idiot. 

  10. Award for weirdest anon goes to… Also ladies… Stop showing my dick to your friends… And yes there’s a good chance that this is real… I know I know. (Sorry mom)



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