Story of my life:


I like/care about you more than you can understand, but I fucked it up and now you hate me.

we are changing that story right now…

I’m dealing with migraines, room spins, but I’m madly in love and she loves me back so I could have my limbs cut off and be bleeding to death and it’d all be ok.

i miss this hair oh so very much…

i miss this hair oh so very much…

now this is interesting… >_>

now this is interesting… >_>

a playlist I’ve made on Spotify called ‘N3rd L0v3 - Mu5ic 2 G33k 0ut 2’ In other words it’s a geeky, mostly electronic make out mix >_> yeah I’m 30 years old. Oh and it’s not finished and I’m contemplating making it collaborative… 



by me and Jacky

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I just want to test the gamer side of Tumblr



I have every xbox

I have every Playstation

Are there really people that have no gaming device at all???

Computers can play games.

You either reblog this or you’re a liar.

Or maybe you just don’t like reblogging things? lol. But yes… I’ve owned literally every gaming system you can name at one point or another. 

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Movies in 2014: Predator 2

Predator 2 is by all accounts not a great movie, but it tries to be different enough to justify it’s existence as a sequel. Danny Glover is an unlikely choice as a follow up lead to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch. He doesn’t have the muscle mass or the raw presence that Arnie had in the jungle. That’s actually why it works so well. 

Unlike it’s predecessor, Predator 2 doesn’t bury the lead. Taking place in the year 1997 the film pits Glover as Mike, an LA cop who’s spent far too much time on the job. He’s tired, it’s hot out and he’s smack dab in the middle of a drug war between two factions. This war and the heat are the perfect setting for the Predator to come out and do some hunting.

Right from the start the alien assassin makes himself known, showing up in the middle of a huge gun fight between out gunned LA cops and a Columbian cartel. Not only is the Predator’s handiwork exposed right away, he’s also noticed by Mike immediately. It’s this fast pacing that keeps the movie exciting. If it had spent another thirty of forty minutes keeping the Predator under wraps and secret as people questioned what’s going on it’d have been a boring rehash of the first film. 

As a highlight to the proceedings we have a wonderful cast including Gary Busey as Peter Keyes, a federal agent hot on the Predator’s trail and Bill Paxton as Jerry Lambert, a new hotshot cop and the new partner of Mike. This is Paxton at his most outrageous and Busey is a bit subdued, far before he went bat shit crazy. 

Where Predator 2 fails, and this is a minor gripe, is that it’s tone is all wrong. The film feels more akin to Robocop with a dash of Die Hard. It’s pacing, the gang warfare, the constant barrage of TV reports would feel right at home if followed up with catch phrases like “I’d buy that for a dollar.” 

Really, this film could have truly been a LOT worse. IT could have been a truly disastrous affair and a cheap cash in on a growing franchise. Glover’s portrayal of Mike Harrigan and his ability to sell a convincing opponent to a 7 foot tall alien killing machine is a tribute to his acting ability. Like I mentioned before, he’s not Arnold, but he still comes across as strong, self reliant and able bodied even in his older age of 43. 

Watching it now after I did the Alien vs Predator films it’s nice to see that some of the weapons introduced in this film including the super light dart and self tightening cutting net are used in AVP. This film went a long way to really create the armaments and backstory of the Predator creature and culture. And without this film you wouldn’t have AVP as a comic or anything. It all comes down to one small shot where we see the Alien skull at the end.

I’d love to know what happened to Mike Harrigan after all this, as well as Arnold’s Dutch. A sequel to Predators revealing their fates or having them meet would be fantastic. It’s interesting how this franchise went from Arnold to Glover to Adrien Brody as it’s leads. 


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