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Remember when Barney the Dinosaur was so hated that they put him in Doom and Wolfenstein?

I have VERY vivid memories of going to a “computer fair” with my dad. I must have been 10 or so, so this is 1993. I remember seeing guys selling CD-Roms of Wolfenstein 3D with Barney in them… oddly they also had Beavis and Butthead as foot soldiers. Really weird to think about.

You don’t see this kind of thing anymore, where a super popular kind of media blends with another out of the desire to annihilate it. You never saw Teletubbies show up in Halo…

#breadmakesyoufat? #seconds #spoilers #sorry no really he printed sorry under the panel. Favorite thing any comic has ever done!!! @radiomaru is just the best.



So my neighbors next door know I’m a DJ. They’ve seen me play when my windows are open and I’m practicing, they’ve heard the music, I usually play earlier in the day, like say from noon to 4 or 5 and then stop. I tried to be courteous to my neighbors.

I don’t throw parties, I don’t have people over, I’m a good guy. But they started playing loud music around 8 so I thought “ok I’ll get in a practice session for a while”

THEY CALLED THE COPS AT 9:30!!! AND I WASN’T EVEN PLAYING THAT LOUD!!! I had my windows closed, I was using small speakers. It could have been a LOT LOT worse.

So my neighbors basically baited me into playing and then called the cops… what a bunch of fucking ass holes! OH these are the same neighbors who had their kids outside at 10:30pm on tuesday running around my house screaming BRIANA! until midnight! When I politely asked them to stop I was told “no hablo ingles” SUUUURE! FUCKING COCK BAGS!

Here’s the other thing… I know for a fact they’re on a month to month… I OWN MY FUCKING HOUSE. If they’re expecting me to move it’s not going to fucking happen!

This breaks my heart but at the same time I’ve woke up to having homeless people sleeping on my back porch, breaking into my sun room, and when my mom was at my house alone a homeless guy passed out on the porch and then tried to get in the house…

There are some genuinely gentle and nice, wonderful people who are just down on their luck and then there are also people who put themselves in shit situations by fucking up in a lot of ways and I just don’t have sympathy for them… 

I also completely understand the idea of not wanting homeless people to sleep on your property. 

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Hi everybody!

I have a new blog it’s Babes, Games and Comics. It’s just a reblog filter. If I see something about either of those three topics it gets dropped into the page. I try to keep KentBalls free or reblogging so now I have a resource for all my interests. So follow, check it out and thanks for reading


RL Grime LIVE in the MIXMAG Lab… An amazing trap set. Fun, grimy, heavy and epic. 



We dismiss our heroes’ skeletons no matter how grim
my fans saying “I’d be honored to be injured by him”
well fam, this branch is thin, but i’ll go out on a limb
to say she didn’t love her ulna poking out of her skin
being pumped full of morphine and tied to machines
they cut off my jeans, I heard her in the ambulance scream
she’s in school to do tattoos and might’ve had nerve damage 
So I could’ve cost a girl a chance at her dream
Meanwhile he pops painkillers, until the dude is numb
knew I was a stupidass just not that I’m a ruthless one
youth is easily influenced so should you be rooting for me
if I touch a thousand lives but on the way I ruin some
the rule of thumb is all publicity’s your advantage
but human lives are not collateral damage
bandage the wound and then vanish, blank as the newest of canvases 
when they zoom in the cameras give em the truth

 indeed. The fact that Watsky isn’t just sorry for what he did, jumping out of those rafters, injuring people in the process, but that he’s also putting himself on blast, throwing himself under the bus is incredible.

The guy fully understands his mistakes and isn’t too afraid to lay them out at his audiences feet and ask for forgiveness but not only that he’s saying “all of us celebrities are just people, we all fuck up, we all lie, we all have an image that is complete bullshit. So don’t put all your faith in us, because chances are we’ll hurt you, if not just emotionally then physically”

That’s important. Remember who your idols are, and remember that they’re just as mortal as you, just as fucked up as you, and just as prone to accidents, trauma, heart break, and sorrow as any one of us.